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Because Life Is Too Short
Helping You Return to Living Your Life

WE understands your situation. Your home has been damaged by fire or water, and things seem grim.  When it comes to your family, no job is too large or too small - and we agree!  As your local Cleaning Professional we strive to clean and restore your home and personal property quickly, allowing you to get back to living your life.

How? It’s simple. Our solutions include accountability, advanced technology, and highly skilled technicians to restore your property after a water or fire loss.

Proven results make Our service #1 in the restoration industry. Our system is geared to achieve customer satisfaction and superior mitigation results.

When Disaster Strikes, Our company Strikes Back with Solutions!
Large Loss Response Team

If you have ever suffered a disaster, you know the effects an event of this magnitude can have on not only the structure, but the lives of those involved.

We understand the trauma of disaster and the importance of timely mitigation. Each situation is different; however, the results are the same. Daily business is interrupted, employee downtime, temporary moves, and loss of inventory.

And you thought we only handled the little jobs!

Whether fire, or water damage, Our Company is prepared for all situations.  No job is too large or too small for our team of trained professionals.

    * Emergency water extraction
    * Fire, soot, & smoke damage cleaning
    * Document drying
    * Deodorization and odor removal
    * Contents & structural cleaning
    * Immediate disaster response
    * Quality control procedures
    * Over 32 years experience

Without notice, disasters involving fire and water can damage millions of dollars of property. Be prepared with your personal Disaster Recovery Profile. 

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Fire Restoration Cleaning

Fire cleanup is specialized cleaning. The presence of fire-related residue and/or smoke odor constitutes a damaged condition. Often, our job is to remedy the damage by removing fire-related soil and eliminating the smoke odor.

 A key factor to attaining and maintaining credibility with the client depends on how well you keep promises. Rather than making grandiose and outlandish claims about what you will be accomplishing, it is preferable to “under-promise and over-deliver.”

The customer often defines the word clean as “looking new.” Avoid using the word “clean” when referring to soil removal efforts on painted structural surfaces. When visible soiling remains after cleaning, the customer can argue that the surface isn’t clean. Using the terms wash or prepare for paint sidesteps the problem.

Fire damage affects all the surfaces and materials within a building. The technicians doing restorative cleaning must be able to identify and effectively clean a wide variety of surfaces. Fire is non-discriminatory, so anything that can be adversely affected will be adversely affected. Examining the underside of figurines, pottery, service ware, etc., often provides important information as to origin, age, material content, and manufacturer.

Odor removal is the key to client satisfaction. It’s common for policyholders to be very concerned about latent smoke odor.  We Pay close attention to visual indications of hidden smoke odor sources, such as residue emergence points around light fixtures, moldings, etc., that may indicate the presence of smoke residue in underlying areas.

Employing a multi-step, smoke-odor removal procedure at the outset of the project has proven most effective. Deodorize often by engineering an odor removal component into every cleaning or repair process, but keep in mind that the failure to adequately remove charred materials and fire-related residues may negate your efforts. Smoke residues bleed through paints; leaving smoke residues and char behind commonly results in lingering odor problems.

The quantity of fire-related particles within the affected area might also be reduced through exhaust and ventilation. As the policyholder is entitled to indoor air quality that is equal to or exceeding the air quality before the fire, using air scrubbers equipped with high-efficiency air filters is recommended.

Water ExtractionMold RemediationSmoke Clean Up
Water Extraction respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Direct Insurance Billing Residential, Commercial, Industrial
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Fire Restoration Cleaning